Let’s get real

April 28, 2008

Turkey is isolating itself from the world based solely on an event it is refusing to discuss. Recently the government refused to allow Mehmet Aydin to travel to Buenos Aires because Argentina had recognized the Armenian genocide. This is ludicrious.

Remember in 3rd grade when you didn’t talk to the girl in the second row for 4 years because she had called your best friend Betsy a know-it- all? Only to find out in the sixth grade that Betsy was a no-it-all and selfish and that the name caller, Sarah, was supercool and swiftly your best friend? The biggest regret about those 4 years was that you missed out on being friends with Sarah.

I recognize this is a pithy example of the relationship between Turkey and the rest of the world but it is just as silly as what is actually occuring. We must talk to realize our goals, to develp relationships and to be able to understand human history! NO nation furthers itself by isolating others. While I would be loathe to admit that the US carried out a “genocide” on the Native Americans, I’m not going to denying speaking with those who say so.

Turkey, its time to leave the 3rd grade and start attending 7th!

You thoughts?

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