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Rwanda Genocide Ideology Report Release

May 1, 2008

James Buyinza

A Parliamentary Committee will today release a report on their recent anti-genocide ideology campaign in primary and secondary schools, the Vice Speaker of the Lower Chamber of Parliament, Denis Polisi has said.

“The report will be thoroughly scrutinized by lawmakers and then we shall make recommendations,” Polisi revealed on Monday. He said that the recommendations would include devising stringent measures to end the genocide ideology in schools.

“We want to save the young generation from the bad ideology of genocide; that’s why we must double efforts to see that young people are not spoiled,” explained the lawmaker.

“All Deputies were out of office until March to campaign against the genocide ideology in schools and see what can be done to save the young generation,” Polisi added.

“After a thorough discussion of the report, the recommendations will be forwarded to the cabinet.

He explained that the campaign covered all schools across the country with lawmakers personally meeting students and teachers.

The campaign was launched early this year when both primary and secondary schools had began the academic year.

The launch of the campaign was part of the resolutions made by legislators during an extraordinary session that was held in camera last year.

In late 2007, a parliamentary probe committee report revealed damning revelations of cases of genocide ideology in many secondary schools. It came up with a list of eleven schools that were leading in cases of genocide ideology countrywide.

The shocking details prompted legislators to summon the two former Education ministers Jean d’Arc Mujawamariya and Joseph Murekeraho to explain why the ministry had failed to contain genocide ideology in schools.

Mujawamariya and Murekeraho narrowly survived a vote of no confidence by the Lower House, thanks to last month’s cabinet reshuffle, which saw the former transferred to the Ministry of Gender and the latter appointed to head a new teachers’ fund.

Their successors have vowed to eliminate genocide ideology from schools.


Weekly Genocide Roundup

March 30, 2008

As I sip morning coffee and enjoy the coming spring, I thought I’d share some up and coming articles that may be of interest!

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Thought Police in Rwanda??

March 25, 2008

Lawmakers in Rwanda passed a law to stop the spread of genocide ideology. As noted in the Kigali Times : The Bill is introduced months after damning revelations… showed cases in which school children demonstrated predisposition to the genocide ideology. The Senate had also found rampant genocide ideology in families, schools and some individuals which sparked the House to react immediately to stop the vice.

According to the law, punishment will be life imprisonment with no ability to commute the sentence. Lawmakers argued that the State needs to back this law fully in order to change the latent genocide ideology kept in the minds of the people. Read the rest of this entry »